Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some helpful tips to get you familiar with this exciting new streaming video on demand service.

SEC OnDemand is the one destination where all of your favorite college content is stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere, anytime.

SEC OnDemand utilizes a One-Click content delivery system, similar to services like iTunes. Once you create an account, you will be prompted to store your payment information as part of your account. When you find content that you want to purchase, just click the "Own", "Rent", "DVD" or "Blu-ray" button and it will automatically be added to your "My Library" in your account. If you purchased a physical copy DVD or Blu-ray, it will be processed and delivered to the address stored in your account.

Renting content provides 48-hour On Demand streaming access to that content. The rental timer starts from the time of purchase. Owning content provides permanent streaming access to that content. ALL SALES FINAL.


It means your content is stored “in-the-cloud” and available for viewing anywhere you are connected to the Internet. SEC OnDemand does not provide a download option. All purchased media is available for streamed viewing from the user's My Library section.

If you want to own a physical piece of college sports history, then a commemorative DVD or Blu-ray edition is the best option. When you click the "DVD" or "Blu-ray" button, you will automatically get permanent streaming access to that content, as well as a physical disc created, packaged and mailed directly to you. Because of advancements in technology, we recommend purchasing a Blu-ray edition, when available. This will offer the best experience when viewing on a High Definition television.

Any content purchased on SEC OnDemand is automatically placed in the user's "My Library" folder. From there, users have access to streamed viewing of their purchased media on multiple devices:

The cloud is a term used to describe the Internet. Think of SEC OnDemand as your own personal digital video storage locker. Securely purchase and store your favorite games and documentaries online and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. All you need is a web browser to access your videos from any computer, compatible mobile device or Smart TV.

XOS Digital powers many OnDemand stores for its collegiate partners. For your convenience, your username and password will also allow you to login and purchase media from these other XOS Digital partner OnDemand stores:

Due to the enhancement of the SEC On Demand Site. Games purchased prior to the transfer will no longer be offered for download.

If you originally registered for the SEC Download Store, please be aware that your User Name has changed. Your new user name is the email you provided during registration. If can’t remember your password, click on Login add your User Name (email) and click Password Reminder. The system will then send you an email containing your password.

Below you will find instructions on how to register your internet TV device. Please make sure your device is running the latest firmware version. Contact device manufacture for details on how to update the firmware on your device.


 Samsung if app has been installed and you have an account skip to step 3

1. Go to Samsung Apps store -> Find Sports section

2. Select SEC Digital Network app -> Download Now

3. Start app and select tab on far right titled Login -> Get 6 digit code

4. Enter 6 digit code at and Submit -> Samsung device will automatically update (takes approximately 5 seconds)

5. Device now has been linked and the My Library tab will have all your owned On Demand content.


 Google TV if app has been installed skip to step 3

1. Go to Google Play Store -> Search for XOS Digital

2. Install SEC Digital Network app

3. Find Login or Register tabs on far right of screen -> Login with your existing account or Register a new account

4. Now you’re On Demand content can be viewed on any of the Google TV apps


 Roku if app has been installed and you have an account skip to step 3

1. Go to Roku Channel Store -> Scroll down to Sports section

2. Select SEC Digital Network app -> Select Add Channel

3. Select Go to Channel to start app and select My Library tab

4. Get 6 digit code on screen and on a computer go to

5. Login with username and password and enter 6 digit code and Submit -> Now your device has been linked! 


Please verify that you have a credit card on file and it is set as the primary card. You can verify this by clicking on “My Account”. You should see you credit card listed under Billing Information and the word Primary should be bold. If you continue to have issues placing an order please try a different web browser.


1. Sign into your On Demand Account.

2. Click on "My Account".

3. Enter gode in "Account Activity" section and click Apply

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